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Liberty Flour Mills, Inc. (LFM) was incorporated on December 26, 1958 to engage in the business of manufacturing flour and flour-related products. Currently, the company has two subsidiaries namely: LFM Properties Corporation, and Liberty Engineering Corporation. LFM Properties is engaged in the business of leasing out office spaces and condominium units. Liberty Engineering Corporation will be on sale, lease and purchase of equipment and machinery.

LFM's products consist mainly of bakery flour products under the brands El Superior, LFM Bakers, Pine Tree, and LFM Soft. The Company also produces mill feed, a flour by-product used for animal feeds. LFM's products are exclusively distributed and marketed by Parity Values, Inc.; Trade Demands, Corp.; and Liberty Commodities Corp. LFM sells its products mainly on a wholesale basis principally to members of the baking and food supply industry nationwide. Through LFM Properties Corporation, the Company is engaged in leasing office and commercial spaces.