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Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (MBT) was incorporated on April 6, 1962 by a group of Filipino businessmen principally to provide financial services to the Filipino-Chinese community. MBT eventually diversified its business to provide a range of banking and collateral services to all sectors of the Philippine economy. MBT opened its first office in Binondo, Manila on September 5, 1962. On August 21, 1981, MBT was granted a universal banking license by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

MBT's principal business activities involve deposit-taking and lending, trade finance, remittance, treasury, investment banking and thrift banking. The Company is a participant in the foreign exchange market, and is accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a government securities eligible dealer/broker.

MBT's significant subsidiaries include First Metro Investment Corporation; Philippine Savings Bank; Metrobank Card Corporation; and ORIX METRO Leasing and Finance Corporation.

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