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Now Corporation (NOW), formerly Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc., was originally incorporated on June 5, 1996 as MF Schroder & Co., Inc. to engage in the purchase and sale of securities. On August 16, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the change in corporate name to the present one. The Company shifted its operations into telecommunications, media and technology.

The brands that the Company owns are "NowPlanet.TV", which is a social business platform that enables enterprises, organizations and institutions to create, manage, and sustain their marketing and communications campaigns across multiple mobile devices; and "WebsiteExpress.Biz", which is a one-stop shop website development service providing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises affordable and professional websites in five days.

At present, NOW’s subsidiaries are J-Span IT Services, Inc.; Porteon SEA, Inc.; I-Resource Consulting International, Inc.; I-Professional Search Network, Inc.; and Softrigger Interactive, Inc.