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Incorporated on November 26, 2001, Xurpas, Inc. (X) is a technology company specializing in the creation and development of digital products and services for mobile end-users, as well as the creation, development and management of proprietary platforms for mobile operators. The Company provides mobile marketing and advertising solutions integrated into these consumer digital products and platforms for the consumption of mobile users. X is also engaged in platform development and customization, system integration, mobile platform consultancy services, management of off-the-shelf application and social media related services.

One of X’s main business segments is mobile consumer products and services which include airtime management, content development and marketing solutions. The Company is currently a party to content provider agreements with Smart Communications, Inc., Globe Telecom, Inc. and Sun Cellular.

The other primary business lines of X include the following: 1) enterprise solutions where the Company and its subsidiaries develop and customize IT platforms, provide system integration and mobile platform consultancy, among others; and 2) other services comprised mainly of HR technology solutions.

As of December 31, 2018, X has five subsidiaries namely, Xeleb Technologies Inc.; Storm Technologies, Inc.; Seer Technologies, Inc.; Xeleb Inc.; and Yondu, Inc. X also has six affiliates namely, PT Sembilan Digital Investama; MatchMe Pte Ltd.; Micro Benefits Limited; Altitude Games Inc.; Altitude Games Pte Ltd; and Zowdow, Inc.

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